Portrait and Headshot Photography

Attractive female corporrate executive with blonde hair and lovely silk top and blazer.
Headshot made with soft-focus lens on location with studio lighting.
Attractive female executive posed for headshot in conference room philadelphia, PA.
Attractive young blonde woman poses for head shot.
Black & White portrait of corporate executive
Executive in suit photographed on gray background for Xerox corporate websites.
Professional man in corporate casual dress head shot for business website.
Attorney in modern atrium office building.
Executive attorney photographed in his office in urban setting with skyscraper in background through office window. This well groomed professional has striped suit silk tie and gold tank style watch.
Musician's publicity portrait
Headshot made with soft-focus lens on location with studio lighting.
Professional Headshot of attractive woman for business by Gene Smith
Creative Director Larry Pezzato poses for headshot by Gene Smith Studio
Pretty young executive photographed by window in high rise office building in Philadelphia, PA.
Headshot of attorney for website
Black & White portrait of young executive
Corporate Executive photographed in Studio
Black and White conversion of color portrait of comfident and competent executive.
Pretty brunette scientist headshot
Young female executive strikes a pretty pose for an executive portrait
Young finance expert photographed at corporate headquarters for website.
Young male attorney corporate portrait by Gene Smith for Gene Smith Studio on location with studio lighting and background.
Dr. Mina Ebrahimi Daryani, D.M.D.
Confident, pretty young dentist photographed for corporate website by Gene Smith
Location Portrait of George A. Saitta, CPA, CFF, FCPA for Heffler, Radetich & Saitta LLP
Corporate headshot on location for accounting firm CEO
Eric Nelson, CFP
New Attorney
Environmental Portrait of Philadelphia Attorney Samuel Pond- Pond Lehocky for Attorney At Law Magazine
Headshot Corporate Portrait made by Gene Smith in Cherry Hill New Jersey for marketing company website and marketing
Creative Director Larry Pezzato Headshot
Busy Executive’s professional headshot.
Professional headshot portrait of female executive for Linkedin
Norcross Headshot
Albert S. Dandridge III for Attorney At Law Magazine
©Gene Smith Studio Cherry Hill NJ Philadelphia Bar Association 2015 Chancellor Albert S. Dandridge III photographed by Gene Smith for Attorney at Law Magazine at Schnader Attorneys at Law Phila. PA executive portrait, head shot, photography, photographer
Author's Portrait for Book Jacket
Roberta head shot made by Gene Smith Studio
Corporate Executive
Smart young engineer’s pro headshot.
Professional headshot portrait of male executive in white shirt, tie and suit for website, Linkedin and social media.
Amy Black & White
Young female professional corporate portrait headshot by Gene Smith on location with studio lighting and background.
Pretty Brunette Scientist Headshot Portrait
Male attorney photographed on location for law firm bio page.
Yep- It's FRAN!
Pretty brunette female high school student photographed outdoors.
What an angel!
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If you are on Linkedin or other social media sites you know your portrait and headshot photography represents your brand. That tiny square photo of you is your visual connection to the business world. It is very important to have a great photo with depth and dimension, especially when it is used so tiny. Top professionals take their headshot very seriously and so should you.

Working with major advertising agencies and corporations for decades has taught me how to make portrait subjects look fantastic. I’ve worked with executives at all levels, attorneys, judges, politicians, actors, celebrities and have also photographed children in advertising for clients such as MATTEL, Matchbox, Hasbro and others.

A photographer must be able to direct and make his subject feel at ease. I do this by helping our subjects feel great and it really does work. Working with professional models is rewarding- making real people look their best is a special skill.

Clients trust me to make them look fantastic and I do it naturally with classic poses and lighting that flatter the most discerning subject.

I also use a very special “portrait lens” that has old-school soft focus capabilities. I retouch all our photos in-house, and my portraits and commercial photos always look natural. I don’t like the “one size fits all” mentality to retouching so we don’t use automated retouching plug-ins.

If you want to look your best please contact me.

If you have special needs or a particular concern about your photos please let me know. I’ll find a way to make you look your best!

In our South Jersey photography studio in Cherry Hill, or at your place, your best bet is to call Gene.


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