Customer Testimonials

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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial letter from Matt Handal at Trauner Consulting
Matt appreciated the value of my services and sent me this unsolicited Testimonial letter!
Thank-you note to photographer Gene Smith, Cherry Hill, NJ
Thank-you testimonial letter for Gene Smith Studio, Cherry Hill, NJ


Payment Check with thank-you note
It is just GREAT when a customer acknowledges excellence with a short note on a payment CHECK!


Testimonial from Deanna Siderio at Parker McCay


Testimonial letter to Gene Smith Studio
Craig had won four Chrysalis Awards with the images I made of his remodeling. What construction company wouldn’t be thrilled with winning four national awards?


Thank you note to Gene Smith crom Camden County United Way
I donated some photography to the Camden County United Way. They appreciated it.


Testimonial letter from Architect Jeff Moon
What makes this very special is I’ve known Jeff since High School. How thoughtful to pen this letter to me! Thanks Jeff.


A testimonial of Gene Smith Studio's commercial photography by author Dr. Carol Oatis, PT, PhD on the work done for the text Kinesiology The Mechanics and Pathomechanics of Human Movement.
This medical text Kinesiology is going into its third edition. Dr. Oatis and I have worked on this text since the 90’s.


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