Architectural Exterior Photography

Fish Fin shaped building entrance
Luxury Condo in Florida with storm in background
Modern Silver exterior of the Nautilus Corporate Center in WA USA.
Rear entrance to a Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott
Ballys Atlantic City, NJ Casino
FAIRFIELD INN & SUITES Marriott BONVOY Hotel Millville, NJ
Physical therapists help patient learn to do everyday tasks we all take for granted on MAGEE Rehab’s outdoor deck with ATM, automobile for ingress egress, and other everyday human/machine interfaces.
Private School dormitory exterior photo
2/4 view of restored Ruth Bennet House and school where Dr. Martin Luther King
Rear 3/4 view of the Ruth Bennett House and School, Chester, PA.
College lab space photographed to show construction materials. By Gene Smith Studio
City of Philadelphia skyline from Camden waterfront
Scripps Institute Florida
Marriott's new Millville FAIRFIELD INN & SUITES hotel
Storm over West Palm Beach, FL Condo
Nautilus Corporate Center
Marriott Motel
Ballys Hotel and Casino Atlantic City NJ
Fairfield Inn & Suites Millville Vineland, NJ
MAGEE Rehabilitation Hospital Division of Jefferson Health
Tamayo Cottage
PA DOT Restoration of Ruth Bennet House
Ruth Bennett House Architectural restoration by Jefferson Moon TAO Architects
Rowan University Samuel H. Jones Innovation Center
Commercial Office Exterior in Black & White
Independence Hall and Philly Skyline
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My Architectural Exterior Photography consistently wins awards for our clients.

My work is published in top websites and magazines all over the world and not only in architecturally centered media but consumer magazines as well. When you want your projects featured  I know how to create images that interest editors to get your work published.

My background in advertising photography enables me to bring excitement to my architectural photography and that creates desire.

I can provide strict “architecturally correct” exterior photos or a more exciting styled photo illustration.

I use the world’s premiere tilt and shift architectural lenses from Canon and Hartblei/Zeiss in Germany. These lenses use the same shifting optics Ansel Adams and other masters of their craft used to control perspective and focus with there View Cameras.

I am the only American photographer endorsed on the Zeiss/Hartblei website in Germany. They think my work is “tops” and I hope you will too.

Zeiss/Hartblei Optics Germany

With these skills, techniques, and modern Tilt/Shift lenses I am able to make architecturally correct and pleasing images without resorting to digital distortions that degrade the final picture.

When you need a great exterior photo please call Gene.


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