On Location at Smith Publicity

genesmithstudio.com portrait headshot

This headshot was made on location by Gene Smith for Smith Publicity (no relation) for their website and collateral materials. All rights reserved ©GeneSmith

Smith Publicity is a firm that helps book authors get the publicity they need to promote their books. They have a very handsome crew and Debbie helped me with make-up. It is always a fun atmosphere at a photoshoot- This one was a ton of fun! I’ll convert these photos to Black & White for the Smith Publicity (no relation) website.


The Philly Bar Association’s New Chancellor Albert S. Dandridge, III

I had the great pleasure of spending some time with the Philadelphia Bar Association’s new Chancellor Mr. Albert S. Dandridge III last week when I made this photo for the cover of Attorney at Law Magazine for A.J. Nolton.

Mr. Dandridge is a partner at Schnader Attorneys at Law and a decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran with the U.S. Marine Corps and was awarded, among many honors, the Bronze Star with Combat “V” for Valor and the Purple Heart.

I always research my portrait subjects so I knew Mr. Dandridge was an American Hero and an accomplished attorney.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find him a gracious subject for our magazine cover.

I believe I was able to show the man and his personality.

Thank you Mr. Dandridge!

©Gene Smith Studio Cherry Hill NJ Philadelphia Bar Association 2015 Chancellor Albert S. Dandridge III photographed by Gene Smith for Attorney at Law Magazine at Schnader Attorneys at Law Phila. PA executive portrait, head shot, photography, photographer

Albert S. Dandridge III Chancellor of Philadelphia Bar Association

LOVE LOVE LOVE and Giving Back In Philly’s LOVE PARK

When Duane Morris’ Josh Peck called me to illustrate the good works of Duane Morris’ Pro Bono Team I knew we would have an opportunity to try something a little more creative than usual.  We had some buttoned-up ideas for a photo when “Kat” Christian McGee and Valentine Brown came up with this great idea for the firm’s Pro Bono branding.

It was the week before Christmas and one of those really frigid days when we needed to get this photo made. Boy were we caught off-guard when we arrived at the Park and it was decorated for Christmas and filled with vending stands for a Holiday Event!

Quickly, I remembered what a Philadelphia Inquirer staff photographer had taught me 40 years ago when I was just starting out in this photo business.

Do something DIFFERENT- “If everyone is at eye level get higher-“   Well THAT wouldn’t work so I considered the opposite.

I had my very wide 21mm lens because I had planned on a forced perspective to showcase the LOVE art. Off came my coat onto the cold granite and I got down on the frozen ground and made this “earthworm perspective”.

What a perfect way to showcase the Giants at Duane Morris that operate the Pro Bono works of the firm!

You GO Guys!

Duane Morris Pro-Bono Team at Love PArk

Katharyn Christian McGee and Valentine Brown from Duane Morris’ Pro Bono team @ LOVE Park in Philadelphia, PA